About Liquor Shack Stores

A premium Liquor Store, in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya since 2020..

Liquor Shack is an establishment whose vision is to provide customers with a diverse range of liquor products, from all over the world, with fair prices with the best possible customer service through customer education and experience.

We are committed to provide our customers with unique products of genuine heritage and quality in all categories of liquor.

We have a vast range of premium products for customers to choose from. We currently have a range of over 200 whiskies that comprise of both single malts, grain and blended whiskies. The selection Comprises of Scotch Whiskies, Highland Single Malts, Speyside Whiskies, Japanese Whiskies, Canadian Whiskies, Bourbons, Irish Whiskies and many more.

We also have an unrivalled selection of Gins with over 80 different varieties to choose from. The variety of gins we stock include Dry Gins as well as Flavored Gins, Limited Editions, Floral Gins and Even Ones produced with Rare botanicals. We also stock all kinds of Chasers, Tonics and Mixers for you to experience the your Gins perfectly.

Our Branches

We have two premiere branches in Nairobi located at the following locations


Pop-Up Market,
1st Floor,
The Westgate Mall,


Ground Floor,
Block B,
Warwick Centre.

Our collection of Rums, will also amaze you. With varieties from the Cane Plantations of the West Indies and Caribbean Islands as well as the Asian Continents & South Americas, we can assure you that we will always meet your requirements.

We also stock premium Vodkas from Russia, Poland, Sweden, USA and UK, just to mention a few. Our range of Vodka products will leave you amazed and will want you coming back for more varieties.

Other than the spirits, we also have a vast range of Liqueurs, Cream Liqueurs, Aperitifs, Flavors and Bitters to get you excited about experimenting with your liquor. We have the perfect selection of mixers for you to tryout and make your favorite cocktail from home. We also stock Liqueurs such as Absinthe, Raki, and Arak for you add a whole new flavor to your palate.

We have an amazing range of Tequilas and Mezcals for all you Cacti Product Lovers. We stock all the brands of Tequilas for your requirements for Events, Gatherings or even just enjoying a drink on your own.

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And so much more...

In addition to our hard liquor, we also stock a wide variety of Wines from South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Remote South Countries of Australia and New Zealand. We stock a wide variety of Premium, Dry and Sweet Wines in All types of Red Grapes, Roses’ and White Grapes. With Over 300 Wines to choose from, you will surely grab a bottle for that perfect planned evening.

Not to forget, we also stock a brilliant selection of Local Beers, Craft Beers, and International Beers to complement your plan-perfect event, party, or getaway.

All in All, we have over 1000 products currently listed and we are always working hard to ensure that we have the right products for you. Our teams of experts are always in search of new and exciting products so that customers are able to try something new ever so often.

Our online website will offer you all these products at competitive prices and will offer you options of delivery services within the reach so you can conveniently place your orders.

Happy Shopping!!!